Declutter Group

You know what to do, you’ve been trying by yourself for years only to throw in the towel after a few big decluttering sessions. Decluttering works better together. Support. Accountability. Way to gos. New Session Begins Fall 2020 How do you want your home to look and feel? Ask yourself, “What is my ideal home?” Imagine what your home would look like. Would you be able to eat at the kitchen table because it would be free from papers? Or are you enjoying a peaceful night’s rest in your serene bedroom? Maybe you welcome friends and family for visits and they complement you on your comfortable home. Can you see your living room ready for company? Are you able to get ready in the morning because you aren’t searching through all your toiletries? Is your desk clear and ready for focused work? Are you starting to see the possibilities of less clutter and more serenity? It’s time to get it! Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now Get Notified When the Next Declutter Group is Open for Registration Mark Down the Dates The next session of Get a Handle on You Clutter Group begins Fall, 2020. We have class every Monday evening at 8pm ET for 6 weeks  in my private chat room. If you can’t make it transcripts are sent, usually right after class. Program Overview Six week online program Participate from all over the world, we usually have members across the globe Simple Declutter Plan to print out or have that you can use over and over again Weekly Chats and transcripts for coaching, motivation, teaching and questions. Every group is different as we focus on what you need. Accountability group in Facebook for daily checkins and encouragement. The group and I will give you cheering, kudos, and a kick in the pants when you ‘don’t wanna’. To see a pay off, the declutter group will require a commitment. The more time you put into it, the better the results. But, even if you only have 5 minutes a day, your house will be better than it was the day before. Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now Even if you’ve never stuck with decluttering before, you can in these 6 weeks We go deeper than, “just do it!” I know that there is an emotional component to decluttering. I’ve seen that when someone gets stuck it’s rarely about the stuff. We also delve into how you see yourself – that makes a big difference in decluttering success. I can help you trust yourself again. What others are saying about the declutter group: I got more decluttering done during this class than any time in the past 10 years!Cori Taking the declutter workshop helped me see the areas needed to be worked on, actually making the time to do small steps and stick to my small increments as I felt accountable to the group. Lots of items were given away allowing my house and me to breathe. I feel better, have less stress and more energy!Jo in Michigan I was so happy with the support and encouragement that Beth showed! Daily check ins helped keep me motivated in areas where I had not succeeded before. The difference in my home was noticeable, and I love having a craft area back!Tamara Havens I’ve never stayed with decluttering this well before.Cathy I have been a part of Beth’s program for a while, and one issue at a time, I make progress each time I join. It’s fun and encouraging to work together like this. It reminds me of my mom and aunt helping each other out whenever our families visited each other. They had fun and got stuff done!Lois It’s reassuring to see others are struggling with it, too. I think it’s a good, supportive environment that encourages you to continue.Emily What a wonderful program! Not only did the Declutter Club keep me focused and accountable, it was also there as a means of support when the going got tough. The Declutter Club was instrumental in helping me create a habit of decluttering. I am really looking forward to the next group.Maryann, NY Your Decluttering Success Story Here Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now Meet Your Decluttering Hand-Holder and Teacher I’m Beth Dargis and I’ve been teaching people how to simplify their lives and declutter for the past 15 years. I am a certified Family Home Manager Coach and creator of the viral Declutter Calendar. I did an online show at the Huffington Post with Nate Berkus and have been featured in numerous magazine articles. My goal is to help you focus and have fun support to get your decluttering done. In 1999, I had just moved into a new house and had stuff I hadn’t even looked at for over two years. I knew I needed help. I went to some online support boards. But, it took quite a few years to get where I am now. I would get sidetracked or move onto other projects, leaving half done decluttering projects everywhere. I didn’t really have a plan. I was just allowing myself to follow whatever I felt like doing next. It seemed nothing got finished and I didn’t see any progress. So I wrote out a nice plan on what I wanted to declutter, when. I think that worked about three days before it was buried as well. I knew in my gut that plan was completely impossible to do given my schedule. I had such high hopes. Sitting down on the floor next to a pile, I didn’t know whether to scream or to cry. Where was the home I envisioned? I seemed stuck in this cluttered house, not knowing how to crawl out of the mess. After years of that, I knew I needed help. I joined a group online and finally got organized and decluttered. We checked in with each other, encouraged each … Continue reading Declutter Group