Declutter Your Holiday Schedule


How much of the holidays do you do because it’s expected or it’s what has always been done and how much of the holidays do you really enjoy?

Create a more meaningful holiday by focusing in on what matters most to you and your family. Each family is unique.

My sister loves making fantastic cookies with her mother-in-law. I rarely bake.

My family has to see the lights, visit with our relatives at the annual reunion dinner and Christmas Eve service is a must. I love the Handel’s Messiah. The Christmas tree? Some year’s we have one, some years we don’t. It’s not a must have for my kids.

Our decorating is simple while my friend goes all out and loves it!

How can you declutter your holiday schedule?

  • Ask your family what they loves most about the holidays.
  • Ask your family what their must haves are
  • Write down everything you hate to do regarding the holidays
  • Delegate to someone else who thinks they have to have it
  • Or ask yourself and your family if it really must get done
  • Look at your upcoming calendar. What are you anticipating? What are you dreading?
  • Make choices from that information

You have more freedom to choose then you think. You can create your own traditions.


Photo by Nina Matthews Photography

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