Decluttering a Teen’s Room

Yesterday after finding clothes everywhere in my son’s room, I knew it was time to declutter. I was in the advisory position. I know better than to try to get rid of a 15 year old boy’s stuff.

First we went through his clothes. He has outgrown so many this year that a huge garbage bag was filled to take to charity. Much was barely used since he grew so fast. We found clothes under the bed, in the closet, clean clothes in the hamper, dirty clothes on the floor. Too many clothes! Now it all fits into his dresser again.

Next was the closet, so we could store things. He had plastic drawers full of toys he had outgrown, so those went into the giveaway pile. We went from left to right seeing what was still important to him. Then we put his suitcase in the closet since it was on the floor in his room. We cleared out his Monday through Sunday clothes organizer. One pair of pants doesn’t even fit in the cubby holes anymore. (But, I highly recommend them for younger kids.)

Near the closet we uncovered his trash can, so he went around throwing out all the garbage. Then found we needed a big garbage bag instead.

The dressers didn’t get as cleared as I would prefer. He got rid of the green stretchy frog, a few cars and put change into the wooden and glass piggy bank. But, left the rubber band ball, his broken karate trophy and numerous Kinex creations.

After the dressers got a good dusting, it was time for the books. He loves books as much as I do so they were under his bed, in stacks on the floor throughout the room and on every horizontal surface. He decluttered some of his least favorite books so the books were all able to fit in the bookshelf. And we decided he could keep the books he was reading on his headboard shelf. This is also where he put all his PSP paraphernalia.

Papers and memorabilia got thrown out or put in their boxes – a file box for papers and a plastic box for memories. These are stored at the end of his bed next to the trash can. He had an empty file box that we are going to give away.

He filed all his notes that were piled on his desk and I got him a notepad so he doesn’t need to use scraps of paper. The computer games were put back into their cases. His pencils and pens went back into his little plastic desk drawers. He took off the decorations on top of his desk and gave it a good dusting as he chatted with his friends. Things were gathered and put where they belong from around his desk.

Then the final go around the room, we went from the door all the way around. He got rid of any other floor piles, garbage or clutter.

He took out the garbage and I have a huge couple of bags to give away. Much better!