Decluttering and Creating Space


One of the reasons I love simplifying and decluttering is the SPACE it creates. I’ve found space is relative. Some people prefer more space and other’s prefer little space where they feel safer.

When you walk in your home, which rooms feel more spacious? How do they make you feel?

When my office is decluttered and clean up, I am drawn to the space. The empty, cool areas of my desk feel like sitting by a river. The colors from my pens pop and I feel jubilant. The air feels clearer when I breathe. I could drop to the floor at any time to meditate, pray or daydream.

When my office is cluttered I usually stub my toe on something coming in. The desk is piled with books, papers and empty cups with no space to work. I feel cramped and trapped. Even though it’s just stuff on my desk it feels like they are closing in on my arms and chest. My mind feels more scattered and I am less productive.

When you think of your home, which rooms feel good to you? Which rooms feel tight to you?

Where would you like to create space in your life?

Empty shelf

Photo by Jon Melsa


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