Decluttering Cosmetics

Today I decluttered the bathroom cabinet with our grooming supplies.

The first thing I went through was my make-up. I realized some of the eye shadow was a few years old. And out went the lipsticks that were never my color. Old powders I threw out. I always use up my mascara before the 3 months is up, so that’s usually not a problem.

Next I sorted the remaining cosmetics by color in my plastic cosmetic sorter – roses and purples on one side, browns and greens on the other. I stick to these colors so I don’t have too much makeup for my container.

The summer bronzers and foundations I put in a little plastic basket towards the back of the cabinet.

My shavers and nail files went into a cosmetic bag I got free with a magazine subscription.

Any free samples went into another cosmetic bag.

Finally I got a bigger container with a lid for my hair doodads. My new head bands didn’t fit into the smaller basket. It’s a pain to have hair stuff tumbling out. And with a lid, I don’t have to worry about them getting makeup or toothpaste on them.

I stood there a minute to enjoy the view. Tomorrow it will be much easier to get ready.

Here is an article that lets you know how long to keep your makeup:

Makeup Shelf Life

You can use makeup organizers like these: Cosmetic Organizers


But for most things in bathroom drawers and cabinets, baskets, shoe boxes, cosmetic bags and desk accessories work just fine.