Decluttering Does Not Make You More Acceptable

Jen Louden had Freedom from Self Improvement Week last week.And I was thinking, "What if my readers are hoping to improve themselves and become better people just so they can feel more acceptable to themselves and others?" And that thought made me feel sad. 

I think most of us put too much pressure on ourselves to become better so someday we can be perfect. Exhausting.

Decluttering to the point of asceticism does not mean you are a better person than when you are surrounded by clutter. A person that lives in a clutter free home is not better than the person that lives in a cluttered home. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Instead, I’d love if you brought your curiousity and self-awareness to simple living and decluttering. Instead of thinking, "This house is a sty and I must be a horrible person to let this happen." think, "This house environment just isn’t working for me. What’s one small change I can make that might make a difference?"

Experiment. Try. See what works. And what doesn’t work for you and your family.