Decluttering for the Holidays



If most years you bring more stuff into your life for the holidays, it may be time to do a little pre-holiday decluttering.

Kids’ Toys

Let start with the kids. Which toys have they outgrown, no longer play with, never liked? Are any in good enough condition to donate? Take the kids when you donate so they can feel good too.


If you’ve been upgrading your electronics regularly, you probably have old versions of what you have. Now is a great time to try to sell them on Craigslist or Ebay so they can become other people’s gifts. This goes for old phones as well.


As you put away the Thanksgiving decorations go through your box to see what you never used this year. Do you plan on using them again?

As you get out your Christmas decorations, see what hasn’t been out of the box in a few years. Do you really need them still?


How many holiday towels and pot holders do you need? Are they taking up too much space for something only used once a year? Do you have too many sets of guest linens? Maybe some are old enough to get rid of.

Last years Christmas cards

Pick out a few and save the letters you want, but let go of the rest. Christmas cards make nice gift tags if you cut out the pictures and print To: and From: on the back.


Let go of Christmas seasons past. If it no longer fits you or the kids you may want to give it away. Go through your tacky Christmas sweater pile and see how many you really need. And make sure all out of season clothes are packed away.

Finally, remember the one in one out rule when you get Christmas presents. If you get a book, let go of a book. If you get a new shirt, let go of an old shirt. Keep your home decluttered by seeing decluttering as a process – not a one time event.



Photo by: Milena Mihaylova

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