Decluttering Guilt


I am finishing up the declutter group and a comment came up that always comes up – “I feel so guilty for having spent money on that item so now I don’t want to declutter it.” Similar, “That object was so expensive, I feel guilty getting rid of it.”

The truth is at the time you bought something, you thought you needed it or at least wanted it. Going forward you are going to be clearer on your purchases and notice if something is a want or a need.

We think if we keep something that should be decluttered, we are confirming we made a good choice before. And you may have. But, at this point in time it has become clutter. Is it worth your space, your time or your bad feelings every time you see the possession to keep it?

Money doesn’t flow back into your pocket if you keep it. If you get rid of it, at least you have a tax deduction.

This is where self-compassion comes in again. If you are feeling guilty about spending money on something you no longer need, be gentle with yourself. Say, “You thought you needed it, but now you don’t and that is ok.” “You are noticing your pattern of buying things you don’t need. In the future I will…” “Stuff and money do not tell me my worth. I am worth more than holding onto clutter.”

Telling your guilt to a friend can also relieve some shame. And maybe they have a good place to bring it.

Don’t let guilt keep you cluttered.

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