Decluttering Naturally

I think the main reason my house doesn’t get cluttered as fast now is because I am constantly decluttering. I don’t mean huge decluttering sessions. Just bits of decluttering here and there.

Like yesterday. I had bought some balsmatic spritzer dressing. When I went to get it out for my salad I noticed it wasn’t in the spot labeled dressings. So after my salad, I checked the crowded dressing area. I knew we hadn’t had the ranch in awhile and looking at the date it could definitely be tossed. As could another one and 2 things were in the wrong spot.

All which took about 2 minutes.

I was excited to see on my Declutter Calendar that evening the task was going through the condiments in the fridge. I was already done since I looked through the dressings today and a couple weeks ago I tossed a couple condiments past their expiration date as I was getting dinner ready.

I used to not notice things like that. But, as I stay more and more present to what is happening I can make quicker fixes.

I try to put a book on the shelf, but the shelf is crammed full. I glance to see if there is a book that can be decluttered. It goes into the declutter box in my office closet and now the other book fits of the shelf.

Or another time I was moving the yogurt maker that was on the kitchen counter out of the way too often, so I took the yogurt maker to the laundry shelf until I was going to use it next.

Or if the magazines no longer fit into the magazine holder, I look to see if any are from last month. I put them aside to read in the evening and if I don’t have time I can usually look through the magazines and tear out the most interesting articles to read later. And into the recycling box the old magazines can go.

I still forget sometimes. I was stepping over my scrapbook bag for about a week before I remembered I was done with that project. It takes practice.

As you go throughout your day today, notice the frustrations or things that don’t fit and take 2 minutes to do something about it.


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