Decluttering Pots

A couple of my new pots

Our pots were the old non-stick pots and the non-stick coating was wearing off. Specks of metal under the dark coating showed through. I didn’t think this was healthy for my family. We’ve been looking at the hard adonized pots. They are quite expensive so we had bought only one saucepan. We were planning on slowly getting the rest until we had a full set.

Happily when I was getting my Dad’s birthday present at, I checked out the gold box specials. A set of hard adonized pots and pans from Kitchen Aid popped up at 78% off. We got the whole set for under $90 instead of $30 a pot.

My set came today and I actually briefly thought of holding on to my old, probably unhealthy pots. You know, in case I might need them. The truth is we don’t need any more pots. And we certainly don’t need pans with the non stick coating coming off. Plus we’d have to put the old pots into storage since we couldn’t put a whole other set into our cabinets. So out they go!

Have you replaced anything lately, but kept holding onto the old version?