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I’m reading the book The Choir by Joanna Trollope. In the book, the organist goes into his cluttered home. He thinks,  “It was so unintelligent to live like this, because it was exhausting and sapped creative energies.” So he declutters some things until he is sidetracked with memories. The next day he gets up and the room looks the same to him except now there are two big garbage bags in the room.

This kind of decluttering is probably familiar to many of us. Procrastinating until we can’t stand it anymore. A quick declutter. Get sidetracked. Get annoyed that there doesn’t seem any progress made.

But, I want to assure you. If you keep decluttering a few minutes a day, week or month, you will see progress. It’s helpful to remind yourself in the beginning of decluttering that you might not notice the big progress you had hoped. But, not to give up.

To see progress easier, you can end each decluttering session by looking over the area you just decluttered and basking in the order.

If you declutter a single section, drawer, or shelf instead of a little here and a little there, you can see the progress more tangibly.

Get a partner (or join the declutter group) with whom you can share your decluttering successes. Sometimes it’s difficult giving ourselves pats on the back, but we can get support from others if we set it up.

What progress have you made recently?


  • Maggie says:

    Beth, I loved this first paragraph. All weekend I have been tossing old magazines and papers. When I went to put the rest of the papers (not yet done) back in the box I started decluttering, they filled up the box. So where is the space from the ones I took out? My recycling bin was full but when I looked around my room, there was still so much to do. Just no big bags. Decluttering is such a tedious process, I am determined to read and toss as soon as possible instead of saving to sort another day.
    Thanks for the laugh and the encouragement.

  • Karen says:

    I spent the entire weekend trying to declutter! I was successful in filling a bag of trash, but it doesn’t look any different. The pile started with stuff stacked in front of my dresser and night stand. It all found its way to my bed so I could sort through better.
    I still have the pile in both places… just neater… I don’t know where to put things! I found at least 25 notebooks of various sizes (I love office stuff), books, pens, sorters, etc.
    I have bought every storage gizmo you can think of…I can’t decide what to put in what box!
    Then it hit me … didn’t I do this the past few weekends???

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