Decluttering to Creativity

One of the people that took part in the Declutter Group (and yes, I have decided to put one on again for Sept/Oct), mentioned she is now ready to begin sewing again.

She stopped sewing and doing many of her creative projects because every time she went into her craft room the clutter and mess sapped her energy.

Many times we creative people think that in order to create there needs to be mess. But, often the opposite is true. We can’t create until there is some order to our environment.

craft room

Normanack’s Craft Room

Things don’t need to be perfect (and needing that might hamper your creativity as well), but space to create, breathe and be inspired is important.

And just like a theme or some constraint is helpful to create something, so is having less stuff to sort through in order to create.

If you are feeling creatively stifled, now might be a good time to tackle an area in your craft or work space.