Delightful Evening Routine


I was sharing with a friend my new delightful evening routine. So many times routines are created to “get things done”. They are full of things like wash dishes, go through the mail or brush your teeth.

What would it be like to have some decadent feeling or delightful on your list? What are some things you love to do and make you feel fabulous? You could eat breakfast on your porch instead of the kitchen table. Or read a chapter in a novel in the evening. Maybe you decide to dance to one song or create one sketch.

Add things to your routines that light you up and make life more enjoyable.

Right now my husband goes to bed by 9:30pm so he can wake up by 4:30am. My daughter is often not home until 11pm from work. So I had taken to watching news and TV yet thinking I didn’t have time for things I want to do. So I put together an evening routine that means no TV after 9:30 unless Brea and I watch something when she gets home from work.

1) While my husband gets ready for bed, I am picking up the house. Jeff often does the dishes before that.

2) After he is in bed, I wash my face, brush my teeth and do my evening grooming while I am still awake enough to not resist.

3) Creative Time- a sketch (I am not good at drawing, but I am practicing), color, write, do a creative exercises from one of my creativity books.

4) Review today, journal and plan tomorrow.

5) Body Time. Some evening yoga, stretches from my chiropractor, neck rolls and/or using my Back Buddy. These were things I kept saying I didn’t have time for, but knew were important for my well-being and migraine prevention. I check in with my body to see how I can release the day.

6) Prayer.

7) Lavender lotion on my feet as I do some deep breathing.

8) I always read before bed (a habit from when I was a kid reading under the covers with a flashlight).

Now I am in a different time than when I had toddlers at home. Back then it consisted of a bunch of kid stuff and then reading as I fell asleep. It’s so important to include at least one delightful/meaningful/succulent thing to your routine. You will be healthier (and easier to be around). Add some music, nature, dance, games, gardening, chocolate, learning or whatever makes you feel your best.

Many people can make time for daily delight  by turning off screens. Or paying attention when doing chores to get them done more efficiently, instead of jumping from thing to thing.

How are you going to create a delightful routine?



  • Pixi says:

    I love the idea of a “delightful” evening routine. I’m usually too tired from a day of decision-making to do one more thing that’s a “must do.” Modeling from this one that’s infused with a sense of play and release is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for this joyful idea.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    You are so welcome, Pixi. I sleep better too.

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