Designing a Creative Business

I found this great article for those of you who are thinking of starting or are in your own business: Designing a Creative Business.

I am working on creating an even more nourishing workspace. I already have a dream board up helping me plan, holding a picture by Kerri Smith on being a superhero, a list of my goals, and of relaxing things to do. I want to get rid of some paper piles that accumulated over the Christmas season. I’d like to get some nature in here in the form of a fountain or a plant.

I also love her idea of listing your favorite things to do and incorporating them into your work. I am already able to do that with photography that I can post to my blog, writing for articles and programs, designing for my website, the calendar, some upcoming programs. I am going to think of what else I can incorporate.

How is your work, working for you?


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