Details, Details


If you are doing something like planning a shower, the details can really get to you. You want the food, the decorations, the gifts, the games all to be perfect. Then you start to feel overwhelmed by all that needs to get done.

That’s when you know you have forgotten the purpose of the project. You want to shower love on the person. And even if everything doesn’t get done or isn’t perfect, you can still fulfill that purpose.

We do this all the time with projects. Do you have any projects that you are feeling bogged down in details right now? Can you think of the big picture? The overall purpose?


Now how can you best achieve your purpose, without overwhelming yourself?


Photo by Brea Dargis



  • Sam says:

    Love this post, and your blog!

  • Beth says:

    Thanks Sam!

  • LOVE that colour but thanks for your reminder (and so timely) with the babies’ party just 5 days away 🙂

  • Linda DeMars says:

    The above is such a picture of my usual style. I was really proud 2 years ago when I hosted a shower for my best friend’s daughter. This friend has been there for me so much for years. I really wanted this shower to be nice -both for her and for her daughter and the fiance (he was from another country and wanted to come). I made lists and I wrote down everything I needed to do in detail and checked it off as I did it. Even things like what do I need for a recipe- when do I fix this dish, what do I want to put on the table. I even had what time do I want to do this, and what time do I do that- a sort of countdown. For once I was ready when the guests came and I was able to enjoy the party. And everyone else did too.


  • Beth,

    I could have used this post last month! I had back to back events — a surprise baby shower and a surprise birthday party for my mother. What, in your opinion, makes us procrastinate? I had my plan of action in place months before, but still I stress myself out by waiting until I am down to the wire.


  • Hi Beth,

    You have a wonderful blog here, full of great stuff!

    I can relate with Deborah – I could have definitely used a reminder like this more than once over the last few months. Details take over the show and then we get lost, sidetracked and we end up being controlled by all the tiny things that pop up.

    When I was setting up my first business, this was the biggest problem I had – I lost my vision as soon as I was assaulted from all sides by the craziest possible details. It wasn’t until I said: What happens, happens! & chilled out a bit that I regained clarity and things started working themselves out.

    Thank you for a great post!

    Josip Barbaric

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