Did you screw up already with your resolutions?

I’ve seen a lot of goals posted lately. It seems we all want to lose weight, declutter, get our finances in order and straighten out every part of our life we think we are doing wrong.

That’s a lot of pressure. Maybe a teensy bit of perfectionism there? And since it is Jan 10th, I’m sure most of us have “screwed up” already. You may have already dumped your goals and resolutions.
What if you picked just one area of your life to concentrate on right now? (Usually people say they want to work on… but I prefer the wording play with… ) Start with one change and see what is working and what isn’t. When you fall of the wagon, which you will since this is life, ask yourself what happened. Then take steps to fix it. Don’t just sit there in the mud, whining about how you fell off the wagon.

And keep a little notebook where you can note everything you did right with this area each day. If you are working on your health, write down how you ate 4 fruit, took your vitamin and exercised 30 minutes. Then eating two donuts doesn’t seem as terrible. Because feeling terrible will not help you in your progress.

Ask yourself what you learned about yourself, your environment or your habits when you ate those two donuts. And then what positive changes can you make using that information?

See what changes you can make in your environment that will make things easier. Healthy foods up close, trigger foods out of the house. An exercise area.

You can always add another goal, down the line. After you have some good habits worked out for this area.

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