Digital Pictures and Scrapbooking

I enjoy scrapbooking, but don’t enjoy having lots and lots of scrapbooks. I used to scrapbook at least every month and ended up with an album for every year, plus the kids’ plus holidays and vacations. Too many scrapbooks.

Now that we use digital cameras exclusively I needed to find a new picture system.

Step 1) Weekly I take the pictures off my camera. I have folders in My Pictures on my computer. I label them by year, month, then what they mostly are. ie 09-04-Kentucky. And of course, some end up on this blog.


General Patton Museum, Kentucky

Step 2) If we want to see them we can set them up as a slideshow with a few of our computer programs easily. My husband likes to put them on our TV with Windows Media Center.

Step 3) Then 1-3 times a year I go through the pictures picking out the best ones to have printed at Sometimes I will have Snapfish do an album or if I am feeling crafty I will scrapbook them one weekend.

Many less pictures mean less albums and less scrapbook clutter.

And that makes this simplifying mom happy.