Displaying Heirlooms


As we declutter, I never advocate getting rid of everything with sentimental value. Having a sense of history is important.

But, we don’t show that importance when we fill boxes with stuff, maybe not keeping them very nicely and not looking at them.

I was reading November’s Whole Living Magazine and they shared lovely ways to display your memorabilia.

My favorite was a glass jar they you can fill with things related to a certain person or event. You can lean papers up on the side or photos. The jar can hold physical things like a brooch, shells or buttons. That way your memories are displayed lovingly.

You can also hang up jewelry, photos, newspaper clippings, hats, scarves and many other items.

You can create scrapbooks, but you can also create scrapboxes. Boxes with glass tops can hold memorabilia you can see. You can leave these on tables or if things are fastened down, you can hang them up. You can even make your own scrapbox.

Here are some fantastic ideas I discovered:

Summer Collection Box

Beach Jar

Vacation Souvenir Box

Remembering Mom

Vacation Memory Jars

Darcy’s Frames and scrapbooks

Trash 2 Treasure



Photo by clif1066