Do You Have Piles of Magazine Clippings?

We were talking about information/articles torn out/things printed off the internet in the Declutter Group Monday.

It’s helpful to think about where you go for information when you are ready for it. If you were to plan a party, would you go to your party planning binder or file folder, would you do an internet search or would you go to the library for a book?

If you are creating a garden, or going on a health plan or planning a vacation where do you go for information?

That is the kind of information you keep. That is where you store your information.

I rarely go to any torn out magazine article anymore. I would search the web or my Evernote online notebook. So I keep almost no magazine articles or things printed.

If you automatically go to your binders, then why are you keeping a bunch of folders on your computer?

If you get most of your info from books – make sure those are organized and don’t worry about keeping the paper information glut.

Information is only helpful if you can find it when you need it.



Photo by Evelyn Giggles