Do You Need to Buy New?


We are still paying off our car that we bought new and that lost tons of value just getting off the lot. We won’t make that mistake again. We will go back to buying used cars. We are buying more things used than ever before.

Why is buying used a good choice?

  1. It’s less expensive
  2. You can afford to get better quality
  3. It’s better for the environment because it saves production resources, causes less pollution and doesn’t have as much packaging
  4. If you buy local, you are supporting the local community
  5. You can find interesting stories straight from the seller

Katy talks about her experience with the Compact, where she stopped buying non-essentials new in January of ’07 and tells of perks of buying secondhand:

Confessions of a Compact Crusador

How to buy secondhand

Where to buy used?

Trade or borrow

You don’t necessarily have to buy at all. We borrow the rototiller we only need twice a year, and our tools are always being lent out. Books are passed around with family and friends. Show yourself responsible and people will lend to you. But, remember if you forget to return something or destroy something without compensation your borrowing days may be over.


What are you thinking of purchasing, that you would usually buy new? Can you think of a different way to get that item?

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