Do You Value Rest?


So many people are running around exhausted. Complaining about no sleep. Complaining about no fun time. The real reason is that people don’t value rest.

We value productivity, getting things done. Rest = guilt. We want rest, but we really don’t think it’s important.

Think about the last time you had an unscheduled hour. Did you read, take a nap, relax to some music? Or did you clean or check off another to do? Or did you web surf and play with your phone – which seems restful but is a way to pretend to be productive while not really being. And disconnecting to those around you. Plus that screen time is not relaxing to your brain.

When you value rest, you are valuing the rejuvenating power of rest. For some reason we think we can go and go without downtime. And too often replace downtime with screen time which is not nearly as rejuvenating.

Why is rest important?

  • replenish energy
  • build immunity
  • better memory
  • stress relief
  • stronger relationships
  • more focus and clarity

Why is rest important to you? Are you going to schedule some in this week?


  • Suzi says:

    It is important to me because I have pain that stops me in my tracks when I fail to get adequate rest. Then I am useless, flat on my back for days & in a great deal of pain. I am a human stress barometer because as stress increases, pain increases so I have decided to take 3 short daily rest breaks & de stress with a couple hours pursuing hobbies once a week in 2013.

  • Pamela Christopher says:

    Dearest Beth,
    Thank you for your blog this year for I have enjoyed every article and all the tips. This one struck a nerve with me for if I awake at 2 in the morning or 4 I think of something that needs doing. I am then unable to return to sleep. My family has slept to the sound of my pots and pans as I prepare their meals for that day or the ironing board being ajusted. There is always something no matter how organized or decluttered I become. Most times since our children are married and gone it is Bible study and prayer yet still very little sleep. I do get tired in the day but naps do not come. They call me an energizer bunny. My dear husband of 43 years sleeps by himself more than with me. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ve tried a number to no avail.

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