Don’t catch up on everything


A couple weeks ago I did a post on How to Catch Up. But, I don’t want you trying to catch up on everything in your life. Some things you can let go of catching up with if you get in a busy time:

  • Newsletters
  • TV shows you only kind of like
  • News programs
  • Blog reading
  • Facebook
  • Magazines
  • Ideas you thought you might do one day
  • Recipes you will never get to

All of these are about information. We all get plenty of information coming at us every day. We can’t digest it all. So often we need to trim this information sources at the beginning. Here are a few articles on information for you:

Information Reduction Plan

Simplifying Information


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  • Tracy says:

    Good Morning! I was reading this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. You mentioned having “places for books, papers, mail, and stationary supplies”. I would like to know what this “place” looks like for other people.

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