Enough, This is My Life

Bad self-image is epidemic. So much is expected – perfect body, great job, well behaved kids, gorgeous house, making a difference. Too often we expect to be perfect in every area and get down on ourselves when we aren’t.

When people feel badly about themselves, they listen to other people to tell them what to wear, what to drive, what to buy.

top dog

The next door neighbor’s lawn is a beautiful green. Instead of enjoying it, feelings of failure encroach. Next thing you know, you are on the phone to Chem-Lawn.

Or you are feeling badly about a stupid mistake at work, so you get the urge to go to the mall.

Since everyone else has cable TV and a cell phone, that must be the right thing to do. Or a puppy in a purse?


It can be hard to simplify – to go against what other people do and buy and wear. No one wants to look or feel "less than." But, think how great it feels when you take responsibility for your money choices. You can choose to say enough, this is my life.

My family sacrifices $100 shoes and trips to Europe so I can work from home and we can go to the beach more often. We would rather buy a season ticket to the local theatre than buy premium channel cable.

The other day my son said, "I can’t believe the price of some of those purses the girls have at school." None of us spend much money on clothes. But, we each have our own computer my husband built. We are buying less expensive food while my husband is laid off, so we can continue to sponsor a child.

The things we have bought for image or to make us feel better are the things we wish we hadn’t bought. The new car, instead of used. The premium membership I couldn’t say no to on the phone. Cute shoes that I can’t walk in. And numerous electronic gadgets.

You don’t need anyone else telling you what you should buy.  Make sure you are spending your money in ways that are meaningful to you and your family.


Photo credit: Tom Saint