Don’t take action


When you read about organizing, decluttering and simplifying are you taking action on any of it?

It’s actually fine if you aren’t. You can’t implement every blog post, idea or pin.

But, I see so many people guilting themselves that they should. They tell themselves they do need to create that elaborate all homemade birthday party. Or cook completely clean and gluten-free. Or organize the pantry with fancy labels just like on Pinterest.

What if you allowed these to simmer as ideas you may or may not do? You can keep them on Pinterest or in Evernote and not ever do them. Same with magazine articles – keep them or recycle them but don’t feel guilty about them.

You get to choose what you do and what you don’t do.

Breathe happily as you let those other expectations go.


  • Gayle says:

    I LOVE your photos of Lake Michigan!

  • Gabrielle says:

    Just the kick up the ….. I needed. So many things I’ve chickened out of because I’ve been tied to the house as a carer so long. I know I need to take a look at ME. I was an international civil servant; everywhere was exciting and new. Its essential to get back to the essence of oneself despite tragedy, disappointment and a sense of duty to others.

    Thanks for this kick-start.

  • Clare says:

    As a newcomer to this site, I’m late in responding to your post so I hop you do see this. What you are feeling is absolutely normal and to be expected for someone in your situation. After the death of my mother, for whom my sister has cared full-time for several years, my sister told me : “I have no desires or wants for myself at all. It’s as if all the part of me that seeks things has been suppressed for so long that I don’t know how choose anything for myself any more.” It took her several months to recover from this, so be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to hibernate or vegetate for a while. My very best wishes to you.

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