Dump your to do’s


If just looking at your to do list makes you freeze, it may be time to dump some to do’s.

  • If it’s been sitting on your list more than two months, dump it
  • You can put a task on your possibility list if you might do it someday but not in the next week or two
  • Is there anything on the list you can give to somebody else? Even if you have to pay them?
  • Is there anything on the list you are doing just because you “should”?
  • Is this to do going to matter in a year?
  • Are you trying to do too many projects at once? Can you put some on hold?
  • Ask if it has to be done or if you have bigger priorities.
  • Have a master list of to do’s, but only put what is possible to do today on your to do list.
  • Think really hard before you put anything else on your list.

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  • Lori Byron says:

    Thank you! This is very helpful. Point 4 hit home to me. I have so many tasks that I plan to do “someday” that never get done. The freedom of letting them go is amazing! I also found very helpful the concept of having a master list of to do’s separate from my to do list for each day.

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