Easing into a New Season


Whether you are moving into fall or spring, a new season is upon us. I spent some of the past weekend doing a little thinking. It’s a great way to create a season you want to have.

1) Decide what the top 5 priorities are for the next few months. Then when opportunities come up you can decide if they will fit or not.

2) Create a new routine for a new season. (I can’t do the same routine year after year or I go batty.) Plus things change with school and activities being renewed.

3) Put some seasonal activities you’d love to enjoy on your calendar. Adding fun activities makes you feel more alive – and that’s good for everybody.

4) Change up your self care. Maybe you need a different moisturizer. Maybe you are heading outside again for exercise after a hot summer. Maybe you pursue different hobbies each season.

5) Ask questions in a notebook or journal. "What would make this season great?" "What am I most looking forward to?" and "What stresses can I prepare for?"

6) Finally take a look at your calendar. Can you take anything out? Are there any deadlines or events coming up that you can plan for? If your calendar makes you miserable when you look at it, make sure it includes enjoyable activities and seeing your favorite people.

When are you going to do your seasonal thinking time? 


  • Pat Schaeffer says:

    I want to say how much I appreciate you & your writings and being faithful to God’s calling on your life and encouraging others along the way!

  • Beth says:

    Thank you so much, Pat!

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