Easing the Struggle


Too often when we hit a roadblock in something we are doing, we plow ahead. And end up spinning our wheels. The project or task seems so hard. But, it has to get done so we keep going.

If we step away, even for 5 minutes, we may come back to an easier time. Gives our subsconscious time to play with the problem.

When I am writing and things stop flowing, I put it back it in draft mode. And the next time I write it feels so easy.

Or I’ll start getting frustrated with a technical problem. I’ve learned if I keep at it I will get tight and snippy. And my mind stops looking for solutions. So I walk away. Maybe move onto a different project or I’ll stop for some water. When I come back, often the problem fix is completely obvious.

So this week, when things start to feel like a struggle, step back. See how that works for you.


  • I needed to hear this exact message right now!

    Thanks for being obedient to God’s leading 🙂

  • Margaret Hill says:

    Beth, you are soooo right.
    years ago I had a job that required lots of mathmatical ability (not my forte’)
    I was to figure
    out sales percentages; by sales rep and by their individual regions. This was a quarterly report (we didn’t have pc’s in that office back then)
    I was strugglingly with one report,,,my boss told me to
    “go home and sleep on it”,,,
    I did,,,,,the next day all the numbers fell into place!
    Good advice!

  • Maggie says:

    We are in the process of cleaning out my Mother-in-law’s condo. She died earlier this month and it is a daunting task. She was a tidy person on the surface but every drawer is full of things that were important to her. It’s hard to know what to toss and what to keep. My husband thought we could zoom in and clean out everything in one day but he is realizing that we cannot do it that way. It is more difficult for him than he had imagined. So we are doing just what you said. When things seem more than we can handle, we just step back and come back another day and take another stab at it. I know he wanted to put it on the market sooner rather than later but now he is seeing that things like this take time. Thank you for your timely advice. You often speak to me with just the right words when I need them.
    God Bless You and your family.

  • Beth says:

    I’m thinking of you during this hard time Maggie. So glad you and your husband are taking your time.

  • Beth says:

    I just did this again tonight. Working on a web page and things were not working toward the end. I will finish it up tomorrow when I am fresh.

  • Beth says:

    That’s how I roll, Marcia 🙂

  • Jonnie says:

    I admire you for your courage and fortitude. I think of you and your family’s loss of your son often, and lift you in prayer. God is soo good to comfort us.
    I appreciate your uplifting and encouraging blogs, Beth.

    Jonnie (Fort Worth, TX)

  • Beth says:

    Thanks so much for your words Jonnie!

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