Easing the Struggle

Too often when we hit a roadblock in something we are doing, we plow ahead. And end up spinning our wheels. The project or task seems so hard. But, it has to get done so we keep going.

If we step away, even for 5 minutes, we may come back to an easier time. Gives our subsconscious time to play with the problem.

When I am writing and things stop flowing, I put it back it in draft mode. And the next time I write it feels so easy.

Or I’ll start getting frustrated with a technical problem. I’ve learned if I keep at it I will get tight and snippy. And my mind stops looking for solutions. So I walk away. Maybe move onto a different project or I’ll stop for some water. When I come back, often the problem fix is completely obvious.

So this week, when things start to feel like a struggle, step back. See how that works for you.