Effects of Clutter

What does clutter take from you? This is one of the first questions we talk about in the Declutter Group.

I hear answers like:


  • It makes me more tired
  • Clutter sucks the energy right out of the room
  • I run into stuff or have to go around things
  • I can’t find what I need
  • Always moving things to clean
  • Pests like clutter
  • Too much eating out because we don’t like to cook in the cluttered kitchen
  • Wasting time and energy moving stuff around


  • I feel badly about myself
  • I feel guilty
  • Worried about clutter
  • Irritability
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Hard to concentrate and focus


  • Not room for everyone in the house
  • Feeling I can’t invite people over
  • Boss thinks I am less competent because of a messy office
  • Can’t have family dinners because the dining room table is covered
  • Being late because can’t find grooming supplies, keys, purse
  • Arguments


  • I buy duplicates because I can’t find something
  • I have to buy a storage container
  • Can’t find bills so they are paid late and we get late fees
  • Weather wear on the car because can’t fit it into the garage
  • Going shopping just to get out of the house

Do any of these resonate with you? Don’t let clutter do this to you – start tacking the clutter today.


If you want accountability, help and support through the decluttering process, check out the declutter group.