Email Accountability

How many times have you said,

“OK now I am going to create this habit.”

“I am going to finish this project.”

” I am going to exercise 3 times a week.”

“I am going to get dishes done every night.”

“I am going to finally finish this organizing project.”

“I am going to finally finish this craft project.”

2 days later you have already quit.

We all like to think that the promises we make to ourselves hold as much weight as promises made to others. That is what we’ve been told. Good, disciplined people don’t need anyone. When they say they are going to do something that do it. Even if they say it to themselves.

But, the vast majority of people I see accomplish so much more when they are held accountable by someone else. It’s just human nature.

I have my own accountability partner. We just in weekly to make sure we are on track with personal and business projects and habits. When a week goes by and I haven’t done any work on my ebook, she will ask me about it.

Trying to change on our own is usually less successful and frankly it makes it harder than it has to be.

Although I do email coaching for $80 a month, I was thinking some people may not be looking for coaching, just some accountability. So I created a little email accountability package for you.

How it works:

1) We pick your 1-4 habits or projects.

2) You will check in 1-7 days a week through email or Facebook chat with what you want to do and what happened, depending on how much accountability you want.

3) I will follow up if I don’t hear from you.

If you want to do this is conjunction to the simplicity e-course or procrastination course, I will send those out free of charge.

The cost is $39 for the month so you have some skin in the game (Paying a little cash plus accountability = better chance of success). I had to raise it by $5 because I found myself doing some coaching as well and answering questions.

This will be a non-recurring $39 so at the end of the 30 days you can decide if you are done, having completed your goal or do it again for another project or habit.

I only have enough capacity to take on 10 of these email accountabilities.

Pay here, and within the day I will contact you through email.

Get your accountability

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