Emergency Box


Over the weekend we got a new fire safe box. The old one got too full and the lock broke. So I spend some time in “preparing for emergency” mode.

As I was putting files and documents into the new box I realized the “in case of emergency” document was very out of date. Since I take care of the bills and paperwork, if I were to be incapacitated my husband wouldn’t know what to do with some of them.

I updated the document with:

  • All our accounts
  • When and how to pay the bills
  • What bills are automatic, when they come out and which card
  • Insurance info
  • A scan of all the cards in my purse in case it’s ever stolen
  • What rewards cards we have
  • The Amazon prime and other logins/passwords
  • The location of tax and mortgage papers
  • In case of emergency – who to contact. Since I run an online business lots of people would be wondering where I am if I just drop off.
  • What needs to be done business-wise and kid-wise

I also put on my calendar to update the inventory which is also very out of date. Now I have on my calendar a recurring date to update the emergency document and inventory.

Wondering which is better, a safe or a safety deposit box for you? Unclutterer has a great article on it.

Are you prepared?



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  • Allison says:

    Thank you! I work in emergency preparedness and response and I am always telling family and friends to have an emergency box. Those that work in the field are just as unprepared as others most of the time! Thank you for the reminder to all to be prepared!

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