Emotional Health

Your health and energy are affected more from our emotional health than we think. When you are feeling down, it’s hard to have energy, isn’t it? Here are some ways you can nurture your emotional health (you don’t have to do all of them! Just play with some to get an idea of which nurtures you best).

1. Take prayer time/meditation time daily Pick a specific time to routinely in solitude to center yourself. You can read the Bible, prayer, read devotional books, and/or meditate. Some people like to pray and walk. The first thing I do every morning is read my Bible, write in my prayer journal, then read in some of my books. This time helps me remember my focus and purpose.

2. Take breaks throughout the day Every hour or two, stop what you are doing. Ask yourself, “What do I need?”. Maybe you need a quick stretch, a brisk walk around the office, a drink of water, a seat for a few minutes or a look out the window. Set a timer if you think you won’t remember to take a break. Usually the breaks are only 2-5 minutes and you can get back to work refreshed.

3. Connecting with someone Relationships are vital for emotional health. So every day get in contact with a friend. Email, call, have lunch, or send a card. Vent, laugh, encourage. And spend time listening to your family. You can also reach out to people in nursing homes or without family that may need someone.

4. Give You have something to give. So don’t wait until the “right time.” When you are inspired to do something good – do it! Giving doesn’t have to take a lot of time. A kind word at the cash register. Letting a car in. Or buying cookies from a Girl Scout. The best part is when you are emotionally healthy you will feel more spontaneously giving, instead of giving out of obligation.

5. Music Music lifts your spirits when you are down. It energizes you to complete your chores. It calms and relaxes you at the end of a long day. Try turning off the TV one evening, and just listen to music. Or even better play an instrument or sing.

6. Nature Not only are we connected to each other. We are connected to our world. Staying inside all the time is an energy drainer. How do you feel after a nature hike? Or skiing? Or reading in a hammock in the sunshine? We can also bring nature inside with plants, flowers, water fountains and pretty stones or shells. I like to schedule at least two hours a week outside.

7. Beauty Art inspires. Looking at a painting can evoke such feeling. Decluttering a small area to bring order to the space brings peace. Watching a flower or an artist’s creation lets us feel happier. We get joy from sunsets, lovely architecture, homemade cards. Where can you bring more beauty into your life?

8. Creating Giving ourselves a voice, an expression, brings emotional health. Writing, painting, sculpting, drawing, cooking, dancing, scrapbooking, needlework. It doesn’t matter if it’s “bad” or “good.” The process of what you are creating is what brings health. Try having a hobby night at least once a month.

9. Journaling This is another way to hear your voice. We can get so bombarded with other people’s noise, we don’t even know what we think or feel anymore. Journals don’t have to be perfect writings. Or long pieces. You don’t need to write every day for journaling to help. An entry point can be as simple as I feel… Or you can write about special moments, simple moments, things that give you joy, things you are grateful for, or ask yourself questions.

10. A relaxing ritual Stress builds on us daily. So we need a way to relieve some of that stress. Having a daily relaxing ritual, lets relaxation come quicker. Your body and mind are already prepared to slip into relaxing. Some ideas could be a nightly bath, an after work walk to decompress, an afternoon yoga session, reading before bed, or taking a few minutes to do deep breathing. What kind of ritual would you like to make?