This past weekend my son was in a Lego League competition. They know something about creating energy. First they concentrate on supporting one another. Team Spirit is actually an aware category. The teams make and buy little souvenirs to give away – yarn puff balls where you give a strand whenever you see someone doing a good deed, pins, candy, little necklaces. Everyone clapped for everyone – no booing! At the end every person got a ribbon and every team got cheered for. How can you foster more team spirit in your home or work?

Next, they created tons of energy by stomping, rattling things, and shouting. A little pep up shout before you leave the car for work might do wonders.

Play rockin’ music. We had everything from ‘Twist and Shout’ to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ playing, but each made you want to get up and dance. And during lunch a band made of educators called the Rythym Chimps played. Teams were dancing and laughing. I love to play music while I work. I wear headphones so I don’t bug my sleeping husband.

And finally, use your mind. Think of problems as fun challenges to work through and fix instead of energy drainers to complain about.