Energy For Joy

Are you tired too much of the time?

Have you just been going through the motions of life?

Are you overweight or not as healthy as you’d like to be?

You probably:

  1. eat on the run
  2. feel stressed out
  3. forget to take care of yourself
  4. and start then stop healthy habits over and over again

You know what to do

The problem usually doesn’t stem from not knowing how to be healthy. We get tons of health information. You need to do this and you’ll die if you do that. Some information changes, but the basics are still the same.

When I wanted to lose some weight and feel more energetic I looked for a plan that would fit in the healthy habits I wanted and give me structure. I didn’t find any. Most just concentrated on what you ate and how you exercised.

I wanted more. Checkboxes for sleep, hunger levels and self-care ideas. Relaxation and support.

So I created my own plan. And instead of focusing only on losing weight, I chose energy as my theme.

This isn’t a lose 10 pounds in one week plan.

Instead we work on creating healthy habits for a lifetime during the next three months. And it can be personalized to meet your needs. It is not a one size fits all approach. Would you like to

  • Get through the blocks that keep you from healthy living
  • Uncover your personal reasons for gaining energy
  • Find the energy changes that work for you
  • Discover ways to relax
  • Have a spa evening
  • Get better sleep
  • and more?

This 3-month plan is a downloadable version with worksheets, checklists and logs to help you implement your new healthy habits..


There are two ways to do the energy for health plan. You can try it alone or with a buddy. Or you can do daily or weekly check-ins with me.

For $1.00 a week you can get the program alone. Or for $37.00 get personal e-mail support, accountability and checkins (Email me at beth [at]

We also have a support forum for support during the program.

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