Enjoy the day

The sun shone and it was the warmest it’s been in five months – 68 degrees F. You couldn’t keep me inside if you tried! My Kid’s Hope kid and I did the walk program at school. The kids walk around the building for sticks, punches and shoelaces. I love to see programs that get the kids moving.

After the kids got home from school we went to the park. I played for a bit and read in the sunshine. My daughter was giving me lots of hugs and my son was giving me jellybeans. They both are generous souls. The time at the park wasn’t enough, so they went bike riding while I cooked dinner. They were fast asleep by 8:30 they wore themselves out so much.


This week I have been putting my top 3 business to do’s and top 3 personal to do’s on a post it note on the computer so I can keep aware of my priorities. Seeing the smaller list, while knowing the big list is in Outlook, keeps me more relaxed I think.