During this New Year’s season, I want to say you are enough. Even if you don’t…

  • lose 10 pounds
  • get organized
  • remember every birthday
  • make it to church every week
  • read 52 books
  • exercise an hour a day
  • get completely out of debt
  • find the joy every day

Resolution time is a time when perfectionism sneaks in. Luring us with how much more we would be loved if we did everything right. How much happier we would be if everything was in place perfectly. How much more we would love ourselves if we weighed less.

But you can be loved and happy, just as you are right now.

What if we went from, "What perfection can I strive for?" to "What adventures can I have this year?" And "Who can I love?" "What would make my body feel good?"

If you are looking at your resolutions and feeling really tight, they are probably shoulds. Not what you actually want from this year. Tweak until you eagerly look forward to the future. Lose 10 pounds can be sign up for an African dance class that lights you up. Read 52 books can be immerse yourself in one series of books you love. Get organized could be spend 15 minutes playing with my space to make it more user friendly. Do your goals feel freeing and alive?

And you don’t have to do goals at all. Because you are enough. Right now.