Entertainment center decluttering

When our old TV started dying we bought a new one and put it in the living room. We moved the old one into our bedroom along with the entertainment center. 2 years later it is still working. It apparently likes the bedroom better.

On top of the entertainment center I used to have tons of candles – for that romantic atmosphere. The problem – they were a complete pain to dust. So I took them off and placed them in a pink shoebox. Then I added a scrapbook sticker for a label and put them on the closet shelf. I just left our big anniversary candle, a glass lantern candle and a picture of my husband and I.

The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea

I cleaned up more cubbies, adding baskets. Then tackled the books. I have books in just about every room.

Before Pix:


For some reason, I had a small book holder. But, who am I kidding. My books fill up the whole cubby. I tucked my how to fall asleep article in my pj drawer. I also put some books in my regular bookshelf that I wasn’t reading anymore.