Evening Light

The sky grew gentler as the vivid sun faded away. The blue-grey hadn’t yet turned to black. I was lying in my hammock for the first time this summer, enjoying the evening when a small flash of light grabbed my attention. My head quickly turned, but the light was gone. I stayed still until another flicker sparked. I missed it again. Then right in front of my eyes I saw the yellow highlighter color of a lightening bug glow. I smiled as I saw more lights go off an on. I felt the happiness of childhood times chasing the lightning bugs. This evening, I was content just watching. My eyes roamed to the fountain, light making the glass flower in the stand, radiate in colors. The lights in the corners of the yard, barely glimmering, holding a soft, bluish light. My book fell to the ground since it was too dark to read the words. Instead I was able to look outside my head at the transitioning sky, the flowers that looked like that had a drop shadow behind them, and little lights. I saw the moment when evening turns to night, grey fades to black. I go back inside, filled with peace.