Everything in its place


In a recent Weekly Simplicity Tips, I mentioned having “places for books, papers, mail, and stationary supplies.” Tracy wants to know where those places are for you.

For me I have a bookshelf in my closet for health and home books. A shelf in my office is for books I am currently reading. The bedroom has a bookshelf for spiritual and relationship books. The bookshelf in my office has creativity and business books. The big bookshelf is upstairs and holds novels, personal development, hobby & reference books.

For papers: when they come in the house they go to the inbox on my desk. After sorting they either go in the action file for papers to do, reference files or shred/recycle/trash.

Action Files

Mail goes in the inbox.

Stationary supplies go in a box in my office. Cards are sorted by type ie birthday, sympathy, etc. And I have general note cards in there.

Where do you store things like these?

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