I broke one of my rules the other day by talking about balance (for your Christmas break). In general, I stay away from the word balance.

The problem is it’s so elusive. How do you know when you are in balance? Do the hours have to match up perfectly? Are you getting everything done you want? Is it balanced every day? Every week? Every month? Who decides when you are in balance?

Balance is another word for perfectionism to me. "If I am thin, emotionally aware, serving, doing great at mothering and/or my work, have outstanding relationships, have a beautiful home then I am in balance."

And we never feel we are doing great at even just one, much less all of them. We are all out of balance most of the time. There is always something different we could or should be doing.

I know when my kids were little that was my main focus. Sometimes the house got cleaned, sometimes we took long walks together. Sometimes I got a shower, sometimes I got food on the table. Sometimes they took a long enough nap to get a project done, sometimes I took a nap too.

People get sick, work projects have deadlines, and life in general is chaos.

So what is better than searching for balance?

Checking in with moments.

Asking yourself, "What do I need right now?" and "What’s the next, right thing to do?"

You can create a check in jar to help you.

When you listen to your inner guidance, you are led to the truer things to do for you. Which may or may not lead to balance.

Fulfilling lives are rarely balanced.


Photo by: CogDog

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  • Tara

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the Declutter and Organization calendar! I am so excited about using it DAILY!

  • joni tyner

    Hi Beth, i just found this post as i saw you on Pinterest and “landed” here. I read in a book, “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha’s World”, ( I think that is the title) a good section about balance. It talked about life being like a teetor- totter, some days we are busy, some days we are quiet. Some days we help others, other times we are more introverted and perhaps medicate, pray, study by ourselves. The whole idea was that life goes up and down, sometimes by the day, some times by the season of life (years!) and we find peace by doing that activity at that time. If we get stressed, maybe we need to cut back. If we get bored, restless, we should probably “tilt” back in the other direction of helping others. I don’t remember it all, I read it several months ago! I’m facillating a class at our church in a couple of weeks about Simplifying Life. I’d like to include your website as a reference. You’ve got good stuff! 🙂

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