Favorite Places to Eat Out

Marcia knows I am on a spending fast, so she is trying to tempt me. She tagged me for my 5 favorite places to eat out.

We try to eat out no more than once a week. When we eat out it is usually because we are out somewhere and it would take too long to get home to make something. (That’s my excuse anyway). Or else my husband and I are out together for a lunch sans kids.
So here is Michigan, US these are my favorite places to eat out here:

1. Pietros– Italian – It’s usually busy in the evenings, so this is a favorite of mine to go to lunch. They have the best tasting bread and dipping oil. And I like to get the CHOCOLATE MASCARPONE Sweet, soft Italian cream cheese (mascarpone) blended with Belgian chocolate, served over vanilla custard, crushed pralines. I take it home to share with my daughter who adores it as much as I do. Too rich tasting to eat the whole thing myself.

2. J’s Again- Home Cooking and fresh baked desserts. We always run into people we know there. You seat yourself and chat with the waitress.

3. AlpenRose – A favorite to go with friends for lunch. Unusual and fresh salads.

4. Curragh Irish Pub This pub has such a fun atmosphere and the waiters are delightful. Traditional Irish cooking, which is rare in this area.

5. Deboer Cafe and Bakery Excellent bread, soups and sandwiches.

I also like to go to New Holland Brewing Company, but I don’t like beer. I go for the live music.