Favorite Spot in my Home


This roll top desk is my favorite part of my home. Ever since I was little I dreamed of having a roll top desk for a place to write. But, those things are expensive so it stayed a dream.

A few years ago someone listed a roll top desk on Craigslist. They were moving and didn’t have room for it. I bought my cheap roll top.

At first I was disappointed. My roll top is not one of those solid wood desks. I’m not even sure it’s actual wood. Which did made it easier to get up the stairs.

It’s another reminder that dreams aren’t always fulfilled exactly as you want it. I’ve grown to love my desk.

I set up a place to write and do my quiet time. The top is lined with sacred objects like an angel someone sent me after Jon died, a picture of a cross at my favorite place on earth, stone cups I got on my trip to Washington D.C. with Brea filled with writing utensils, and shells I picked up from beaches throughout the country.

I have books I am reading, my journal and notebooks. I usually have a cup of water (with a lid on it so my cat doesn’t drink it.)

Every morning I sit and connect with God, journal and write. Sometimes I light my candles.

Where is your favorite spot of your home?


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