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So many people seem exhausted lately. Their leisure time is not renewing them. Often lack of presence causes that feeling of dullness. Too often recreation is the background music to our thoughts.

In order to really be reinvigorated we need to be there – seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling.

If I am in nature but I don’t see or hear because I am too busy in my own thoughts, nature can’t nurture. Crafting is relaxing in the feel of the fabric, the colors, the rhythm of the needles. When you don’t notice, you don’t get the relaxation. Reading renews when you are immersed in a book, not when you have to read the same page 5 times because you drift off.

I was reminded of this at a writer’s retreat I was on recently. We were to take an hour in nature for writing inspiration. Instead of looking around I was deep in thought – in my head again. To my left I heard what sounded like hammering. I saw a little grey and black woodpecker with a tuft of red on its head.

The bird continued to disturb the peace, but made me smile. I was out of my head and back in the world of seeing the beauty. A tiny toad almost hopped on my toe. Another huge toad was completely still for minutes. A white butterfly joined us. I smelled the wildflowers and heard the birds.

The woodpecker flew right in front of me to a tree on the right. Finally it noticed me and flew off. I stood up to leave as well to continue my walk. This time with eyes open.


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  • Laurie B. says:

    Beth, I am so looking forward to the “Change Your Relationship to Time” class. I really need this!

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