Financial Systems


Most people live paycheck to paycheck, barely saving or having much in their retirement account. We buy too much, save too little and go into debt for more stuff. We need a different mind set. We need to work hard, contribute and act responsibly.

In Fred Seigel’s book, “The Richest Man in Babylon for Today“, he lays out the 10 Steps to Financial Success. We know most of them, we just don’t do them.

1. Pay yourself first – save 10%
2. Develop a budget – to stop overspending
3. Pay off debts – for peace of mind and more money to invest
4. Start looking for ways to put your money to work – invest, part time business, sell things on e-bay, real estate
5. Accept risk, but be careful – if it sounds too good to be true, it is
6. Don’t procrastinate – take action
7. Invest in your home – buy a home when you have enough money, upgrade it
8. Invest in retirement savings – 401K, Roth IRA
9. Invest in yourself – training, skils, knowledge
10. Prepare your walls – insurance, wills, epert advice

Which do you need to work on?

In the  Simplify Your Money Systems class we talk about pay yourself first, a budget (I call spending plan), paying off debts along with paying bills and dealing with the paperwork.

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