Finding Ideas

Joy Diet

Jamie Ridler is doing the Joy Diet by Martha Beck as a book club and I am joining in the reading. I really enjoyed reading about other’s experience with the book. I’ve been continuing with my nothing from between 5 and 20 minutes, asking myself about the truth, and discovering what I want.

This next chapter is on creating. Since we’ve been finding out what we want, it’s time to think of some ideas to get there.

One of the desires that came up this week was wanting more energy. Fall allergies have made me not very peppy.

Some ideas to feel energetic that emerged:

  1. Exercise more often
  2. Drink extra water
  3. Quit eating junk
  4. Enjoy my fruits and vegetables
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Listen to energizing music
  7. Get up and move around more often
  8. Quit saying I am too tired
  9. Pray
  10. Deep breathing

Now all the ideas that some up aren’t going to be great. In fact, if you get creative a lot of them will be stupid. The next day I still had the desire to feel energetic and I needed to come up with more ideas. So some of them got pretty silly.

By the third day I was already feeling more energetic even though I hadn’t consciously done anything on the lists.

I also came up with some ideas for other desires like learning something that sounded interesting and connecting with others at someplace I was going.

The minimum requirement was one feasible idea for a desire. And we can do whatever we want with it or nothing at all.

Did you decide what you wanted? What are some ideas to make that happen?