Finish Up


One of the best habits to cultivate to create order in the home is finishing up.

I know when I am slacking off on this habit. All of the sudden a memory card is stuck in the computer, a camera on my desk, plates from lunch on the end table, 5 pairs of shoes on the floor, and grooming supplies on the bathroom counter.

It is sooo much easier and faster just to clean as you go. It’s a rarity now that I leave the house before everything is put back into the cabinets in the bathroom. I used to say I didn’t have enough time, but it take less than 30 seconds to put stuff back.

During the summer when the kids and I are all home, we try to do dishes throughout the day. We don’t have a dishwasher, so it can be long, hot chore if we wait until night to do them all. Not to mention, have you ever tried to clean the blender from a smoothie that you forgot to rinse out right away? Dishes are much faster and easier cleaned up right away.

To help you create this habit, you can start by looking at a room before you leave it. Before you leave the living room check for your purse, cups, shoes. Before you leave the kitchen take a look around and put things away. Don’t leave anything out when you are done with the bathroom.

You can do this when you are doing a task as well. Before you jump to a different activity, take all the pictures off that memory card, put the card back into the camera then put the camera away. When you are doing bills, put the paperwork, receipts and stamps back when you are done. Before you rush off to another task, check that you’ve finished what you were doing before.

Now, most people can’t do this all the time, but when you can your life becomes much simpler. Finishing up those tasks, putting things away when you are done and not leaving things sit will free up more time. Because then you aren’t always cleaning up old messes and hunting for things left where they shouldn’t be left.

Anything you need to finish up?


  • I am the queen of putting everything away the second I am finished with it (to the point of annoyance to myself sometimes). I have a terrible aversion to things being out of place. If you at my home doing something you have to hang on to whatever you are working on or using because I will grab it from you when you aren’t looking and put it away.

  • Jo Ann Hohl says:

    Hi Beth,
    I was just reading about Mark Foster’s program and was wondering if you still use it? What system (method) do you use for time management and to do lists?
    Thanks for all the good info!

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