There is rhythm and flow with our life. Even though I am a life coach and teach simplicity, that doesn’t mean my life is always orderly. Just like anyone else my desk gets cluttered during certain periods of time. Priorities shift, illness happens, life happens.

It’s the regrouping and getting back into order that is the important part. Taking a couple hours on the weekend to go through papers, gather to do’s together or clear off your desk. Setting the stage for the next step.

That’s what I did this Sunday. After a more hectic week than normal I had a pile of papers with actions that needed to be taken and a stack of to do’s. So I sorted them back into my lists. I prioritized, breathing easier knowing it actually doesn’t all have to be done right now. Put papers in my tickler/action file of Monday through weekend folders. Planned my week, taking care to add some fun, relaxing things.

Last weekend it was cleaning my office and the weekend before I brought my bedroom back into order.

Things don’t stay orderly. Life is messy. Doing a daily pick up of the house and desk can help bring order back, even if it is just 5 minutes. And taking some time on the weekend can bring peace and sanity into your week. Just 15 minutes to a couple hours will make a huge difference. So delegate an errand, turn off the TV, or have your kids carpool to their ballet class one weekend. See what area of your life has “fallen apart” for the moment. Just one. Then bring it back to order. Which area will you make time to bring back to order this week?