Flying Against the Wind

Today is a very windy day here in Michigan. As I drove my daughter to school, I saw a seagull flying against the wind. And going nowhere. That picture reminded me of my day yesterday.

Photo by Brea Dargis

The day began with a tech emergency. Then another one. Various computer problems, simple tasks didn’t even go smoothly. My frustration kept rising all day. But, I kept pushing.

When my husband came home from work, he found me yelling at the computer.

"I don’t think that’s going to help anything."

Pausing before yelling at him, I realized he was right. Sigh.

I stopped my work which wasn’t going anywhere. And we went for a walk instead.

One of the things I tell my coaching clients, is you need to get in a great mindset before you do the work. Otherwise things are much harder. Much slower.

When nothing is flowing & everything stops working it’s probably a good time to take a break. You don’t want to be that bird going against the wind.