Flying Against the Wind


Today is a very windy day here in Michigan. As I drove my daughter to school, I saw a seagull flying against the wind. And going nowhere. That picture reminded me of my day yesterday.

Photo by Brea Dargis

The day began with a tech emergency. Then another one. Various computer problems, simple tasks didn’t even go smoothly. My frustration kept rising all day. But, I kept pushing.

When my husband came home from work, he found me yelling at the computer.

"I don’t think that’s going to help anything."

Pausing before yelling at him, I realized he was right. Sigh.

I stopped my work which wasn’t going anywhere. And we went for a walk instead.

One of the things I tell my coaching clients, is you need to get in a great mindset before you do the work. Otherwise things are much harder. Much slower.

When nothing is flowing & everything stops working it’s probably a good time to take a break. You don’t want to be that bird going against the wind.




  • artsnark says:

    so true

  • Sandi P says:

    Just for a different perspective: I work on aircraft every day, and aircraft have to fly against the wind to take off and land. The extra airflow over the wings gives the plane enough lift to take off and land safely. Some of our more minor adversities can be looked at that way, as inspiration to overcome them, take off, and fly. (Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, of course, do not apply.)

  • Beth says:

    I like this Sandi. I tend to push when it’s better to pause.

  • Betty says:

    Thanks! I needed that.

  • Betty says:

    Thanks! I needed that. Pause! Yes, good idea

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