Following Your Inner Wisdom to Simplify Your Life

(First appearing in Meditate Like A Girl)

Many of us have a longing to spend more time with our souls and in our spiritual life. But we feel too busy to heed the call. Simplifying your life is imperative to getting that time with your soul.

Simplifying is completely individual. What is extremely important to one person may not even get glanced at by another.

This is where our inner wisdom comes in. Listening to that small voice, your intuition, your inner guidance system.

How many times have you had a twinge that said, “Don’t do this,” before saying yes to a project, a duty, or an event?  Half way through all you want to do is quit because you know this isn’t right.

Practically, how would you allow your inner wisdom to guide you in simplifying your life?

Before saying yes to anything, see if you can answer later. This gives you time to check in with your body. What twinges or feelings are you getting about this request? Pray and ask for guidance. What is your intuition saying? When you think about saying yes does it make you feel freer and expansive? Or does it make you tighten up?

When you look at your daily to do list, what does your body do? Do you feel a little nauseous or do you feel excited? What can you add that will make your list more fulfilling? What can you delete or delegate that you know is not the best use of your time?

This is where women tend to stop trusting themselves. "If I start listening to myself, all I am going to want to do is read novels and lay on the beach."

But, we know we have more to offer than a suntan. That inner light wants let out. We feel we are made to connect, help and take care of ourselves and those we love.

Or perhaps your inner wisdom is saying you do need to go to the beach for a little bit and read, before radiating your life.

What if we followed where our heart led in our leisure time? A live concert could draw us instead of the TV. A cause could energize us more than a facebook game. What would you actually want to do with this time instead of going into the default of passive entertainment?

Following your inner wisdom works for stopping you from bringing home clutter. Ask yourself if you really need it, want it, connect to it, and have space for it. No longer will you browse and throw things in the cart without checking in with your intuition.

Intuition can guide you with what you have at home. Which clothes in your closet do you connect with and which make you feel in your stomach they were mistakes? Which accessories light you up and which feel far from who you are now? Get a sense of how many shoes are enough and which craft projects you need to give away.

The pause is where you will be able to hear this inner wisdom. Not rushing from one thing to another without stopping.

Get in the habit of checking in with yourself often.  Ask, “What do I feel?” “What do I need?” and “What is the next right thing to do?”

Now follow.