Forget Perfect

Sometimes people think that since I am a life coach, my goal is to make everyone’s lives perfect. That is not my goal at all. I help people understand what is most important to them so they can simplify the rest. I’ve been reading a delightful book called, Forget Perfect: Finding Joy, Meaning, and Satisfaction in the Life You’ve Already Got and the You You Already Are.

Lisa Earle writes, “I think I’ve made a pretty good case against trying to be perfect already, it doesn’t make us any happier, no one enjoys trying to live up to it, no one wants to be around it, no one actually does it, and everybody else made it up.”

In most cases people we deem, “perfect” scare us, intimidate us and we really don’t like them. So why do we try to be them?

Take what you are great at, and love and shine there. But, to try to be perfect in every area of your life is so tiring you don’t have anything left to shine with.