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I updated the New Habits course and thought it might be fun to get people together to play with a new habit this September.

First sign up here:

The ecourse will help you stay focused and accountable for your new habit.

When you decide on your habit, post here in the comments. And every week, I’ll post at the blog and we can check in on the habit we want to create.

My new habit for September is to use my back massager or neck release tool every evening as a migraine preventative measure.


  • Kafi says:

    My habit is to clear and clean the dining room table each night. It is where we eat, do homework, pay bills, sort paperwork, create art, and empty our pockets and backpacks. Starting the morning with a clean slate will help me feel calmer and more focused on the day ahead instead of still dealing with the day before.

  • Jenny says:

    My habit is to do some kind of exercise for 15 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise but I need to MOVE and get warm….

  • L says:

    My habit is to eat only healthy snacks each day – fruit, veggies, lowfat cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt, protein bars- no more M&M’s!

  • Heather says:

    I plan to get back into the habit of cleaning the kitchen each day. No clutter on the countertop, no dishes in the sink, no pans left to dry on the stovetop. Just a clean space to breathe in the morning.

  • Farida says:

    My habit is to make my bed every morning

  • Maria says:

    My new habit is to repeat my affirmation many times daily
    ” THANK YOU GOD – IN JESUS NAME I WEIGH 74 kilograms “

  • melissa says:

    workout for 20 mintues a day

  • renee says:

    My new goal is to read for at least 15 minutes a day, but try for 30. And it has to be a book, not something (Facebook, articles) on the Internet!

  • Kimberleigh Poston says:

    To practice gratitude …

  • Jacque Rolland says:

    My goal is to spend 1/2 hour each day emptying a box and putting/throwing things away.

  • Lisa says:

    My new habit is to deal with every piece of mail daily. If no mail for the day deal with back log of papers. At least 5 items be it file, shred, reply, write, whatever action needed.

  • Natalie says:

    I will take dirty clothes and recyclables down to their proper places in the basement once each day.

  • Beth says:

    These are terrific habits, I hope you keep them up this Sept.

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